Want to become a fashion stylist? Read this guide here

A fashion stylist is one of the popular emerging professions in the fashion world. It is the job title of a person who chooses the clothing and accessories for print or television adverts, published editorial features, music videos, show performances, and any public appearances made by famous persons and public figures.Fashion stylist job provides exciting openings to share ones love for style with a variety of people, from working with famous clients, and styling models for photo shoots. It is the work of fashion stylists to make the people they are working with look smart, their accessories and clothing look best on them and in the photo shots.


Picking clothing and accessories for editorial features and adverts, shows, music videos, films and television shows.Working with tailors, designers, models, photographers, makeup artists, salespersons, media luminaries, public relations experts, famous persons and public figures.Creating an image for public figures Researching on fabrics, clothing manufacturing and trend accessories Keeping in harmony with different trendy label and fashion styles.Attending fashion showings.Foretelling and spotting fashion trends on time.Locating fashions from all over the globeBuilding experienced networks. Skills needed to be a competent fashion stylist include the following.Awareness of art and design, and fashion history.
2. Appreciating of diverse face and body shapes.
3. Understanding of trending fashions, color schemes and up market labels.
4. Knowledge of diverse body types and how to dress them in the most satisfying mode.
5. Production skills such as promotion, networking and publicity.
6. Valuable communication skills to work with customers.
7. Vision and originality.
8. Eye for detail.
9. Well planned. How does one then become a competent stylist? He or she needs to do the following.

He or she must have a passion for fashion, keen eye for detail, in addition, he or she must be continually research the latest trends and be on the watch out for promising fashion trends and trend labels.Undertake some certified training. Whereas this is not necessary, it will greatly improve your authority and give you a good foundation in knowing how the industry functions. This will unlock more opportunities for you.Acquire hands on experience by finding a placement with a fashion journal or a reputable and practiced fashion stylist looking for an assistant.

Possess an outstanding interpersonal skills, flexibility when it comes to dealing with diverse types of customers, a sense of wit, a professional approach, capability to imagine outside your field, the ability to beat deadlines, to work in a team, promptness, enthusiasm and the ability to work prolonged hours under strain.Once one has gained some hands on styling knowledge it is time to create a portfolio of your work so you can find some employment. You can add your own online portfolio so others can find you. Creating a professional looking website will besides aid you in gaining employment.Networking with designers, photo artists, makeup artists, hair stylists and other like minded people will also help you to find work.